International Overdose Awareness Day!

Every year, August 31 is the day for people around the world to recognize the tragedy of overdoses and educate themselves about this increasingly important issue. The data is alarming and unmistakable: Mississippi is in the midst of a major overdose epidemic. An overdose can happen after taking either illegal drugs—or perfectly legal prescription drugs. This August 31, speak out and stand in solidarity in order to reduce future overdose deaths. In the meantime, click through this site to get educated about overdoses and what you can do to help Mississippi become OD Free.

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International Overdose Awareness Day 2022 in Mississippi
Drug Take Back

Take it as prescribed, or take it back!  Find out about responsible drug disposal.

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OD Intervention

Accidental drug overdoses are common and deadly. Find out how to address an OD emergency.

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Overdose Deaths

Learn about the many public figures who have fallen victim to a preventable drug overdose.

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Mississippi Data

Overdose deaths are more common than ever before. Explore Mississippi’s data on OD’s.

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