What You Think is a Thriller. Could Really be a Killer. Know what you're taking.
The Numbers Don't Lie. An Overdose is a Common Way to Die. Explore the data on overdose deaths.
The Drugs You Don't Want to Take. The 911 Call You Don't Want to Make.

Don’t Trust A Drug Dealer

Anybody can be a drug dealer. There’s no training. There are no rules or regulations. No environmental or safety requirements. No quality control procedures. A drug dealer doesn’t need a license and doesn’t have any oversight.

A drug dealer may be any age, ethnicity, or nationality. Drug dealers are adults, teens, tweens – even kids in elementary school.

A dealer may deal in authentic or stolen prescription drugs, but most deal in counterfeits – FAKE pills that look so close to the real thing that even an expert at the DEA couldn’t tell the difference. What’s in them? There’s no telling, but it could kill you.

6 out of 10 counterfeit pills seized by the DEA
contain a lethal dose of illicit fentanyl.

And you don’t even have to sell the drugs either. Giving them away — even just to family or friends — makes someone a drug dealer too!

Don’t deal drugs. Don’t trust the drug dealer on the corner to know the ingredients in what they’re selling, and don’t trust your friend’s drug dealer — and if that friend is offering you drugs? Don’t trust them either! You do not know where those drugs really came from. Overdoses have become all too common, and your life is just too valuable. Trust only medications prescribed for you by a physician.

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