Overdoses Are Now the #1 Cause of Death Among U.S. Adults 18-45

Drug overdoses have long been a tragic cause of death among humanity. In spite of modern advancements in medicine, technology, and comfort—life is hard, and injuries are common. Throughout history, our ancestors have used various substances to manage their negative emotions and physical pain. We are no different. Ironically, the very technology that has enabled our civilization to survive and thrive as never before has also led us to create chemical compounds that—while medically useful—can be extremely dangerous.

This page will be updated often with information regarding the overdose threat that many of these drugs pose to each one of us. Please refer to the following resources, and visit this page often for data updates, infographics, and much more.

Did You Know?

Drug overdoses are not a new phenomenon. People have overdosed on different substances throughout antiquity.